Not one more cut to our public schools.

Not one more tax cut for the wealthiest Mainers.

In November voter passed Question 2 to finally honor the state’s commitment to fully fund our schools by asking the wealthiest Mainers, those making over $200,000, to pay a little more. This initiative passed because for 13 years the Legislature has ignored the voter-approved mandate that the state should fund 55% of the cost of public schools.

At the same time the Legislature has consistently disregarded the will of the voters by underfunding our schools, they have passed two huge income tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest Mainers.

Now some Republicans in the Legislature are threatening to shutdown state government unless Democrats agree to repeal Question 2.  And they are hijacking the state budget process to overturn what we JUST voted on.

We need you to do two things:

  1. Email your legislator and ask them to respect the will of the voters, stop giving tax cuts to the wealthy and fully fund our schools.  You can email them here:
  2. Call your Legislator and tell them to do what the voters told them to do – fund our schools and ask the wealthy to pay their fair share. You can call your legislators by calling 247-7489. 

When the state fails to provide adequate funding to schools, the result is always higher property taxes, fewer programs for students, and cuts to programs for kids.  This is plain wrong.

Email and call your legislators!  Ask them to respect the will of the voters, stop giving tax breaks to the wealthy, and fully fund our schools.


For more information, e-mail Stand Up for Students here.