Local elected leaders lay out what passing Question 2 means for their schools and their students, cite “significant impact”

PORTLAND, ME | OCTOBER 18, 2016 – Elected leaders from Androscoggin, Cumberland, and York Counties today laid out the transformational difference that passage of Question 2 could mean for their schools and their students. Speaking at a news conference in Portland, a State senator, a mayor, a school committee member, and chairman of a select board all explained how voting YES On 2 would provide more educational opportunities for kids all across Maine.

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling said, “I’m voting YES ON 2 because it will have a significant impact in helping us meet the educational needs of our kids, while simultaneously helping us reduce property taxes.”

Ranking member of the Taxation Committee, Senator Nate Libby from Lewiston, added, “The state’s failure to fund 55% of local education has created perennial budget crises for Lewiston Public Schools. Locally we struggle to provide the best public education possible despite our struggle to reduce class size and pay our teachers more. Property taxpayers, particularly those on fixed incomes, are at the limit. Mainers’ approval of Question 2 would bring about $4 million dollars to Lewiston schools, helping to relieve the burden on working families and seniors. That’s a significant impact.”

Westbrook School Committee member Veronica Bates said, “The single most valuable gift that we, as adults, can give to our children is a full education. Schools and teachers are unable to provide that gift without essential resources.”

More than 100 school board members and municipal councilors from across Maine, north to south, east to west, are lending their support to Stand Up for Students and urging Mainers to vote YES ON 2. (Click here for the full list.)

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