Sample School Board/Town Council Resolution

In order to garner more support for the Stand Up for Students initiative, ask your school board or committee and town council to pass a resolution to say “YES” to more funding for our public schools.

Sample Resolution

WHEREAS Maine people voted for the state to fund 55% of the cost of public education in 2003, but since 2008, the state share of education funding has decreased; and

WHEREAS when the state fails to pay its share of school funding, our children and our communities suffer as towns have to make up the difference, often by raising property taxes, cutting services, or both, and

WHEREAS every child deserves to get a great education at a great public school, and

WHEREAS making sure Maine people have the education, skills, and the tools to succeed is one of the best things we can do to strengthen our state, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the ____________ supports the Stand Up for Students referendum campaign to increase public school funding by $157 million through a three percent surcharge on incomes above $200,000, about two percent of Maine’s households.